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Revelation 12:11
And they overcame him by the , and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death. 
Mike was in church early this year and the Lord gave a prophetic word through Apostle Steve Ams about someone with throat cancer that was being healed. Mike stood up to “stand in the gap” for his cousin whom the Pastor knew nothing about. The Pastor cursed the cancer and layed hands on Mike in proxy and who immediately fell under the power of God on behalf of his cousin. Last Sunday, Mike came to church to testify about the confirmation of God’s prophetic word of healing!

Here is Mike’s testimony that will bless you:

“My cousin, Larry Seymour was diagnosed with throat cancer. I had talked with my sister who lives close by and she is a nurse and went to visit him the week before the Word of the Lord came forth through Apostle Steve Ams and she said he was in very bad shape and looked near death. The Word of the Lord came forth that Sunday following and I called her a week later and she said it was a miracle. She went to visit him and pray for him BUT when she got there he was up and about and had been to the doctors and the report was that he was healed. They couldn’t believe it!!! She took him to the store to get some groceries because he had not eaten food in months…only baby food. I told her about the Word of the Lord and all she could say was that it’s a miracle from God. Amen and Amen!” Mike F.

About 4 Sundays ago, the Holy Spirit gave a Word of Knowledge and Word of Wisdom through our Pastor about someone with brain tumor. He asked if anyone in the congregation had or knew someone with a brain tumor and Valencia  came out to “stand in the gap” for her friend’s daughter who had a brain tumor. As Pastor prayed over Valencia destroying the power of the tumor, she got slain in the spirit and fell under the anointing. She went back and told her friend that she stood in the gap for her daughter.
Here is Valencia’s testimony that will uplift you and cause miracles in your life to happen as well:
“About a month ago, when Pastor asked if we knew anyone who had a tumor. I went and received prayer on behalf of my friend’s daughter who is now 25. She had been suffering with a brain tumor at a very young age. She’s been through seizures, missing menstrual cycles for over a year, constipation and all those side effects. After I went up for prayer on her behalf about a week later… Her mother told me that when she went to the doctor, the doctor saw that the tumor was shrinking. Then 30 days after now the doctors said that they cannot find the tumor…. it’s gone!!! Also, her menstrual cycle is back to normal and no more constipation. God is good.” Valencia D.
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